The reason for the increase in the rate of fast food heart disease


At an early age, some phrases were heard several times a day: close the doors, close the windows, Bahram the dacoit has arrived, at that time there were no television and no other means of advertising through radio and newspapers. It was about the times when the film industry was booming: director Zulfiqar Ali Syed made his first film “Bahram” and over-promoted this film. The film “Bahram” has been released and flopped badly, the same will happen with “Corona Virus”. Nowadays Inshallah, the corona virus is being advertised on all channels, newspapers and the media and the Corona virus has severely suspended commercial and commercial activities.

But the Pakistani nation is aware of this but is not afraid of the crown virus, which has seen tragedies that cannot be described. Tragedy of the dengue virus that caused hundreds of deaths. Not long ago, when terrorism was common and it was not known what would happen in the next few moments. The courageous army of Pakistan has strongly annihilated these tragedies: when the earthquake struck on October 5, the victims were alongside the army and the people and, moreover, the flood days helped the flood victims with great vigor.

How will this nation be afraid of the Corona virus? Now the need is not to be afraid of Corona but to fight it: if you look at the other side of the picture, what is the condition of our government hospitals? What is the mortality rate in the medical wards? Nobody tried to find out. What is the number of accidental deaths on a daily basis? It is common practice in hospitals that no disease is cured.
It takes time to recover from any disease, but heart disease does not give time, growing heart disease is a cause for concern and requires special attention.

News about the Corona virus are listened to and displayed in every channel and newspaper on print and electronic media, but heart patients are not in stable conditions, other diseases are life-giving while heart diseases are not giving respite, which is why The disease has a high mortality rate. Heart disease is on the rise in Pakistan due to the rapid growth of fast food: more than two lakh people die each year from heart disease, poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. , Stop exercising. Distance from walking can lead to heart disease. There is an urgent need to improve your lifestyle.

At the same time, it is important to follow a healthy diet. Public health is a serious problem in Pakistan. About 40% of deaths during the year are due to heart disease. If we take precautions, It is possible to prevent death: follow a healthy diet, train daily, quit smoking, maintain normal blood pressure.

By following them we can protect ourselves from many diseases.
Gaining awareness and following it is a jihad against all diseases. At the moment, the situation is that heart disease is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. Heart disease is a disease that is once infected by a person. So very few people have a chance for recovery: most people work carelessly and take heart disease as a minor who can be very dangerous to humans.

Heart disease medications require daily and timely use. According to a report, heart disease is more prevalent in the South. There is no reason for this but many reasons. Ordinary people also know that the arteries of the heart are very thin and an estimated 20 million patients die worldwide.

This is disturbing: in the past this malady was viewed as an illness of the rich. People who live a life of mediocrity and poverty are victims of the disease because they have also stopped walking and had access to motorcycles and the number of pedestrians is now known to have decreased.

Look around and you will see motorcycles, rickshaws and rickshaws everywhere as the road has become difficult for pedestrians. Many changes have taken place over three or four decades. Whether it’s winter or summer, people have given up the habit of getting up early, people who get up early in the morning and are forced to get up have to go to government or private work.

But it’s also important to mention here that even in some government jobs, people arrive on time: our lifestyle has changed dramatically, which is having a detrimental effect on future generations. Cultivating fast food in later generations. The trend of life is having a profound effect: for a healthy life, an adequate diet and normal cholesterol levels are very important and this level is possible only when we use a simple and healthy diet. If the arteries of the heart narrow in human life, recovery is not possible.

When heart disease occurs, screening should be started early, in addition, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, gutka, etc. There should be disruption and there should be strict governmental laws in this regard. We should have fresh fruit and vegetables instead of meat. Use more. Avoid fruit juices and cold drinks. The use of fresh vegetables provides us with a variety of vitamin supplements. Walnuts and almonds are also useful in this season. Use the local chicken. At present, the situation is that every ninth child in Pakistan is obese and the food situation is also serious: in such a situation, if the diseases do not increase, what else will happen

We have to get into the habit of our children to practice from an early age, teach them how to use carbohydrates, avoid fried foods and don’t overcook baked goods. Bakery items can be harmful. . Diseases are on the rise in Pakistan due to poor management of healthcare facilities, heart disease is on the rise in Pakistan and young people are now suffering from the disease.

Soybeans are cause for concern: we must take serious precautions in this regard since diet is better than cure, diet and exercise have their benefits. Likewise, if we eat more food and do more of our training routine, it won’t be of any use. If we look at foreign countries, fresh milk and fresh fruit are also given to school children. We have given up exercise in our lives and computer games have become more important.

Excessive consumption of fried foods and obesity can lead to heart disease and young people suffer from these diseases because they have given up exercise in their life. We stay up late in the evening and wake up late during the day. We should embrace a sound way of life. Cell phones are the age when it is beneficial but also harmful. Sitting in front of too many computers is also harmful: the younger generations and young children have become addicted to cell phones. Now the old games that were a nosy exercise are dead.

The old people were very eager to eat and drink: here they ate food and here it was digested in a few hours because in those days there were no facilities available. Made. I felt in my childhood that a person’s stomach was strong. The example of the digestion of wood and stone is true for him. Eat everything in the world of youth. This is very important and is only possible when you train daily.


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