How far can corona virus spread in Pakistan and how dangerous is it? Well known medical expert made the biggest claim so far


Leading social figure and medical expert Dr Jamal Nasir said that corona virus is not so deadly, the weather is changing, our immune system is strong, therefore the spread of the virus will not increase further. Corona cases have increased in countries where lockdown was high. People who come to the media and say lockdown should also worry about the poor. We should get antibody tests, so that the death rate should be less than 2%. Tax should come down to one percent, government should allow antibody test, anti in US, UK, Germany Eddie tests are being conducted.

The NAB summoned Mian Javed Latif and directed the police to make the PML-N lose consciousness

Talking to a private TV channel, Dr. Jamal Nasir said that fear should not be spread in Khudara media regarding Corona, this virus is not so dangerous, the statistics of doctors are also correct but we need to know our own statistics. We have to see, we want to do antibody testing, it will reduce the death rate from less than 2% to 1%, the government should allow antibody testing, antibody tests are being done in USA, UK, Germany. Are He said that Abbott is the only company in the world whose kits have been certified which will be available in Pakistan soon. The virus is not so deadly, the weather is changing.

Our immune system is strong, so the spread of the virus will not increase further. In countries where lockdown was high, corona cases have increased. People who come to the media and call for lockdown are burning stoves in their own homes, they have good doctors but they also have to worry about the poor.

The number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has reached nearly 3 million, while more than 200,000 people have died. The number of those who have recovered is more than 781,000.



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